Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is one of the core Department, engaged in research related to drug development and discovery. The department provides postgraduate courses M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry). These courses also covers intial two semester course work and rest two semester based on research project. The department is planning to start Ph.D. programme in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The students qualifying this course meet the current and future requirements of R&D personnel of the Pharmaceutical Industry, academia, regulatory and marketing.

S.No Photo Name Qualification Email Id Designation View Profile
1 Dr Deepak Kumar Dash Dr. Deepak Kumar Dash M.Pharm, Ph.D. Professor cum Principal View Profile
2 Tapas Panigrahi Mr. Tapas Panigrahi M.Pharm. PhD. (Pursuing) Associate Professor View Profile
3 Mrs. Priyanka Dewangan Mrs. Priyanka Dewangan M.Pharm. PhD. (Pursuing) Associate Professor View Profile
4 Pankaj kashyap Ms. Pankaj Kashyap M.Pharm. PhD. (Pursuing) Associate Professor View Profile
5 Priyanka Sinha Ms. Priyanka Sinha M.Pharm. Assistant Professor View Profile