Department of Pharmacology

The primary goal of the department is to train the students preparing for careers in pharmacology including teaching and research in an academic or industrial setting or in pharmaceutical companies and government research organizations. Training in Pharmacology equips a student with the ability to understand the molecular mechanisms of drugs, significance of correct dosage, efficacy and safety of medicines etc. and hence provide extensive employment opportunities by pharmaceutical industry and contract research organizations in various areas such as basic Pharmacological research, toxicology, clinical pharmacology, scientific writing, regulatory, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Marketing etc.

S.No Photo Name Qualification Email Id Designation View Profile
1 Mrs. Meenakshee Sinha Dr. Meenakshee Sinha M.Pharm. PhD. Professor View Profile
2 Parwati Chouhan Parwati Chouhan M.Pharm. Associate Professor View Profile
3 Shweta Dutta Shweta Dutta M.Pharm. Assistant Professor View Profile
4 Prachi Jain Ms. Prachi Jain M.Pharm. Lecturer View Profile