Department of Pharmaceutics

The department provides postgraduate course Master in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics). The courses curriculum contains four-semester (2 years) out of which 2 semesters cover the course work and the last two semesters are devoted to research project and training in a Pharmaceutical Industry. The department has future plan to provides Ph.D. programme in Pharmaceutics. The students qualifying this course meet the current and future requirements of R&D personnel of the Pharmaceutical Industry, academia, regulatory and marketing.

S.No Photo Name Qualification Email Id Designation View Profile
1 Subhasri Mohapatra Dr. Subhasri Mohapatra M.Pharm. PhD. Associate Professor View Profile
2 Dr. Anil Sahu Dr. Anil Sahu M.Pharm. PhD. Assistant Professor View Profile
3 Gayatri Verma Ms. Gayatri Verma M.Pharm. Assistant Professor View Profile
4 Ms. Suman Sahu Ms. Suman Sahu M.Pharm. Assistant Professor View Profile
5 Ms. Riya Vaiswade Ms. Riya Vaiswade M.Pharm. Assistant Professor View Profile
6 Ms. Riya Vaiswade Ms. Gayatri Gupta M.Pharm. Lecturer View Profile